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Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
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134.71 €
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Powerful cleaning, cord-free

Lasting suction with 9-cyclone design

9-cyclone design for next-level vacuuming
WWhat's the secret to a high-performance vacuum cleaner? Engineers have discovered that high levels of suction can invite micro-particles of dust to clog up a vacuum, causing suction to slow down with use. Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner uses an aerodynamic structure that uses a 9-cyclone engine, effectively separating dust particles as they pass through. The result is lasting high-powered suction that doesn't decline as you use it.

9-cyclone engine
Brushless design + cyclone separation
Innovative vacuum technology

An aerodynamic structure is essential to creating an outstanding high-performance vacuum cleaner.
The powerful motor and cyclone engine come together to capture dust without clogging for consistently effective cleaning.

Inside the Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
100K rpm, brushless, variable frequency, direct current
Powerful 100AW suction
23kPa static pressure

Suction doesn't decline with lower battery

9-cyclone design separates fine dust
Particles don't stand a chance
Down to the micro-level

Avoids filter blockage for a consistent flow

4x suction power instantly
Incredible MAX mode

6 minutes of use with 4 times the suction power to help you clean those hard-to-reach places

30 minutes lasting time
Deep clean 160㎡ on a single charge

Eliminate PM2.5
5 filter system
Purify emissions as you clean

Capture 99.97% of dust particles
Prevents secondary pollution

It takes a high-performance vacuum cleaner to absorb dust at the micro level. In fact, the most impressive capabilities of the Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner lie in the parts you can't see: How can a vacuum prevent dust from being recirculated back into the air, causing secondary pollution? By capturing the particles within its filtration system! Even PM2.5 particles are caught, helping to keep your air clean.

Clears 99.9% of mites
Suitable for children and
sensitive individuals

Electric mites brush
A deep clean for mattresses and fabric

Is it really necessary to vacuum your bed? Absolutely. Our bodies naturally shed microscopic debris, which becomes food for annoying mites that can irritate the skin. The electric mites brush has a specialized motor to help clear out mites, giving your mattress a deep clean and letting you sleep better at night.

4 multifunctional brush heads
Cleans floors, beds and cars
Even cleans your keyboard

Extra-soft brush with built-in motor
Use on wood flooring and ceramic tile to give your floors a deep clean and eliminate dust and dirt from every nook and cranny.

Good design is in the details
We've thought of everything

All parts except motor and electric brush are washable
No need for replacement parts

Low noise
72dB in low noise mode

Light and convenient
1.5g lightweight design

Anti-static electricity
Reduces annoying wintertime shocks

Press to clear out the dirt receptacle
No need to touch unhygienic dirt

Easy to store
Includes a mounted charging station

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